Anemia diet

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Well, it could be you’re among the 30 percent of the world’s population who suffers from anemia. If so, our Anemia Meal Plans may just be your meal ticket back to good health.

While anemia comes in a variety of forms, the most common is caused by a dietary deficiency of iron. Because iron is needed to make hemoglobin, a key molecule in red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout the body, less hemoglobin is produced and the body’s cells end up getting less oxygen.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia typically appear slowly and include weakness and fatigue. Some types of anemia can even be life threatening if undiagnosed. Since less oxygen is transported through the body, the heart pumps faster to recirculate blood to make up for the deficiency and that can lead to severe, even fatal, damage to the heart. And a lack of oxygen can seriously harm other organs as well.

Give Your Blood the Lift It Needs!

Not only is iron important for hemoglobin production, it is an integral part of many enzymes and used in cell functions throughout the body, including digestion.

Our Anemia Meal Plans are just what’s needed to give old blood new life with healthy nutrition in an iron rich healthy diet plan.

• Complete detailed meal plans with weekly menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

• Plans available for 1, 2 and 4-week intervals

• Created by physicians and chefs for maximum health benefits and maximum taste

• Includes beverages and snacks

• Portioned servings with iron content per portion

• Available in 1,200, 1,600 and 2,000 calorie menu plans to fit your individual needs

Dishes in our anemia diet plans include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat free milk and milk products as well as lean meats, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts. They are also low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt and added sugars.

As with any medical condition, always seek the advice of a doctor if you suspect you suffer from anemia. Women who are pregnant and children from six months to 3 years in age are two populations in which anemia may be more prevalent. Iron deficiencies can also result anytime there is blood such as that from injury or blood donations.

Take control of your health by selecting one of our great menu plans and ordering it today. Why feel bad when you don’t have to?


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